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I have wanted to write about APIs for a while, but life, as you know, is challenging, especially nowadays. Since I work with APIs this post is long overdue. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is the interface that defines interactions between multiple software applications.

What does it mean?

An API is what allows two applications to talk to each other via software that is the intermediate in this process. …

To create good presentations is an art in my opinion, at the same time, it’s something you can easily build knowledge of, even if you don’t have a design background.

It was never so crucial to ace your presentation skills since most of us are remote and we don’t have the benefit of talking face-to-face anymore, because of that I created a compilation of tips to develop amazing and compelling presentations.

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I wanted to bring this subject to PM101 because it’s extremely relevant to the focus of this blog and also to what we do — product and program management. Metcalfe’s law relates to the value of a network and also the possibilities, which depend on the amount of its users.

A network becomes more valuable after each new user joins, and this happens all the time. With that, the network, its users, and data become a powerful asset. They bring tangible and intangible value to the network, there’s no downside.

Metcalfe’s law states that “the value of a network is…

Based on an episode with Destiny Conner and Lita Barreda 🇵🇪

Welcome to Latinax in Power, a blog and podcast that shares stories of amazing Latinx leaders, hosted by Thaisa Fernandes. This time we had two special guests Lita Barreda and Destiny Conner.

Lita Barreda has spent her entire career in the garment industry, pulling inspiration from the places she was raised including Peru, Ecuador & Venezuela. She studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). …

David Cai and I met this year to talk more about our writings, career and share some learnings. As a result of this conversation, I wrote a post in this blog, PM Tech Lessons, about frameworks I like, for example the 80/20 rule, cone of uncertainty, and also the SBI (Situation Behavior Impact) which are frameworks I try to use in my daily basis.

He also wrote for our PM101 community. In our chat David mentioned about wanting to write an article about the technical side of product management. …

Based on an episode with Diana Vicezar 🇵🇾

Welcome to Latinax in Power, a blog and podcast that shares stories of amazing Latinx leaders, hosted by Thaisa Fernandes.

We talked with Diana Vicezar, a social entrepreneur from Asunción, Paraguay. Diana is an incoming freshman at Pitzer College in California where she has a double major in Computer Science and Economics. She’s also a mentor at MCW global and a Technology Fellow at Harvard Women Engineers Code Conference.

In this episode we talked more about the process of applying to college in the US and about the inspiring journey Diana took…

I learned more about how I could leverage a mentor when I moved to the United States 7 years ago. In my country we don’t have this sense of having a mentor to help you during your professional journey which is — not cool, we need those resources!

I can’t stress enough the importance of having someone to help when you encounter a blocker or when you want to move in a different direction. I encountered Carla Pearl YouTube video and it really intrigued me.

She talks about the difference between the Mentor, Sponsor, and Advisor. I thought it was…

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It’s important to know the distinctions between mentors, sponsors, and advisors so I wanted to share this information here with you. We should have these resources in our lives, maybe in different moments and for different reasons, but I can’t stress enough the importance of them.

I encountered Carla’s Pearls YouTube video where she talks about how people always mention the mentor, but if you don’t know what a mentor is supposed to do and the difference between the sponsor and advisors, you might not have the right expectations or get the results you should.

These resources should be used…

Last year I started to have weekly 1:1s with people all over the world as my small attempt to help people. I wrote a blog post with my thoughts about the things to keep in mind if you’re planning to transition your career to product or program management based on the feedback I heard from them.

We all start somewhere. Our different experiences and perspectives are really unique, and we should definitely use that in our favor. The article is divided in:

  • Skills to Build or Improve
  • Product-Related Aspects of Your Current Job
  • Perform Personal Projects or Volunteer to Product-Related…

The PM101 started in 2016 when I wanted to share content about Product Management as I was migrating to a product role.

During this process I did a bunch of things which includes studying at UC Berkeley, Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications by and many others. I also got a Coding Bootcamp scholarship.

I was always sharing what I learned and in this process I transitioned my career to Program Management so I started to bring the program perspective into my writings too.

The blog name changed from Product Management101 to PM101 including the Product and Program Management…

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